Kid’s Zone

Games and Learning Links

On this page you will find links to many websites where you can play learning games, practise your mathematics, spelling and reading skills or find information to help you with your homework.

Parents can help children choose games that reinforce those things that are being taught at school.

Warning!! It is easy for children to start on a website and then navigate away to an unsafe place. Be sure to monitor your child while on the Internet. Following this link will take you to N.Z. Netsafe Guidelines and more information on how to keep children safe on the Internet.




Homework Helpers

Info Blitz

Online resources for New Zealand Schools – sites and resources specially selected to be of use to students and to teachers.

Any Questions?

Students ask online librarian for help searching for Internet sources for projects and homework.

Kiwi Conservation Club

Learn about New Zealand wildlife here.


Explore cool interactives, games, quizzes etc. especially for New Zealand children.

Drawing and Animation

Pivot Stick figure Animation Download

Download this superb animating program for free.

Mr Picasso Head

Create Picasso look-a-like drawings. Great fun for all ages from 5 – 12.


Upload your photos and realise that faces are definitely not symmetirical!

Build Your Wild Self

First design your human self then add animal parts – hilarious fun for all ages.


General Learning Fun – PBS Kids is a great place for kids to explore.

Viscosity was created because it’s beautiful, relaxing, and turns anyone into an abstract artist. This site is for older, more mathematically minded children.

Spelling and Maths

Tut Pup – super learning environment for kids.

Ted and Floppy’s Fun Page – a good place for really young children. Some good memory games here.

Learn your spelling words in interesting ways. – Spelling City    -gives 20 free maths questions per day.

Math Activities and Games Galore,
Take your time and EXPLORE!!!!!

Learn about New Zealand Money


Practise your Reading and sounding out here

Cool Reading Activities

Activities from Captain Underpants