This is our Principal, Mrs Mary Zellman, Head Girl and Head Boy.

Enrolment Policy Scheme/Process:

Enrolment Policy Scheme 7.1. signed doc

To ensure your child’s place on our waiting list please complete and return the form/s below as soon as possible.  (If you are Catholic please download and complete the Preference Form.  You will need to take the Preference Form together with the Baptism Certificate to the Priest to have this signed before giving it to us.)
Please also provide a copy of their Birth Certificate and Baptism Certificate (if applicable) with the Pre-Enrolment Form.


2021 Prec St Paul’s Pre-Enrolment form

Preference Form 2022

Information for Parents or Caregivers seeking Preference of Enrolment at Catholic Schools

Preference Appeal Form for the Catholic Diocese of Auckland 2022

For enrolment forms and more information please contact Mrs Raewyn Hunter at our school office:  (09) 832 7200 or raewynh@stpaulsprimary.school.nz

Enrolment forms following acceptance to St Paul’s School:

2020 Precedent Pupil Enrolment Form

Overall Consent (Education Outside the Classroom) while at St Paul’s

2015 Cath Dioc of Auckland Application for Enrolment form new

ADUES Parent Responsibilties Form 2021